Design is...


1 Week, Fall 2018


Graphic Design

Visual Design


Adobe Illustrator


Students were given the task to complete the sentence, "Design is..." and design a poster to visually represent their definition.

Design Process

After thinking about design for hours on end, I came up with numerous fill-ins for this blank:
Design is attention to detail
Design is like my mood, it never stops changing
Design is a universal language
(You get the point) I came to the obvious conclusion that design is what keeps me up at night. It is the thing that keeps our eyes open and our minds running. Sometimes it is actual work that keeps you up late at night in the lab, and other times it is those curiosity-driving thoughts, visions, and ideas that keep you awake in your bed until 3am. Pursuing design and doing what I love, I could never stop thinking about design because it plays an increasingly large role in my life every single day.


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