Senior Capstone


January - May 2021



Ideation & Conceptualization

User Research

Color Theory

Visual Design


Interaction Design

UI/UX Design

Team Collaboration


For my senior capstone, my team worked together to create Morii– a new, interactive experience that encourages connectivity and reflection through preserving your most important memories digitally.


As one of two UI designers, I took lead in visual design and established the overall visual identity of our project. This includes branding, typography, and color schemes. I also helped to develop the concept of the digital experience using my background in psychology and color theory. I wanted to achieve the feat of creating an interactive 3D product in a 2D, digital space.

The Problem

Memories are something precious, but as time goes on they can fade away.

The Solution

Create a web-based platform that has the ability to record memories in your own words, with any type of media, and customize the color palette to fit the mood of your memory.




1. The desire to capture a fleeting experience.

2. The interactive memory documentation experience.




Safe Keeping

Create a space for users to hold memories and the feelings associated with them in a collaborative space.


Add Media

Allow users to piece together their memories by uploading their own media from all different sources. This includes photos, videos, music, voice recordings, and links.


Artistic Expression

Enable users to see their personal memories as pieces of art that they can interact with and customize to their liking.


Multi-User Memories

Connect users in their shared experiences and allow for memories to evolve from multiple perspectives.


In a survey, we asked over 160 people questions about how they interact with different types of media, recollection of memory, and how one might affect the other.

Nearly 1/3 of our respondents say they have an unreliable memory.

Photo, Video and songs all helped over 50% of people jog their memories.

Over 70% of survey respondents said they felt positive about collaborating on their memories with others.

Most people said they best remember events in written documenation.

Psychology & Color Theory

A key part of the development of this interactive experience was having a foundation of knowledge on the subject of color theory. The idea of colors and how they could impact a user's experience is complex yet intuitively simple.

Color has been one of the most commonly used design principles among many cultures for communicating information and creating emotions. The common idea is that a color can generate a specific emotion at any given time. Though the impact of color on emotion is subjective and we cannot say different people would feel the same emotions by just looking at the same color, we are still majorly influenced by its intensity, brightness, and saturation.

It is with no hesitation that colors can stimulate our brain chemistry and create emotions according to them. The effects of color can be both physical and emotional. When thinking about reflecting upon memories, the idea of associating a color or multiple colors with a moment in time can intensify our emotional connection and strengthen our ability to recall details. In the process of documenting a memory, we wanted to give our users the ability to choose from an existing set of dynamic gradients to associate with their story. We created these gradients with the stylistic choice to be heavy in contrast so they breathe lightness and in some ways, moments of tension and delight.



Make your memories into pieces of dynamic and interactive art that reflect how you feel.


Use storytelling, photos, videos, songs, and more to capture the full essence of your memories.


Collaborate on and share mutual memories with others who were there, or keep them private.

Interact with your own memories.

Each documented memory is stored in an orb in your Neural Network. Users can click on an orb to open and view that memory's story and media mosaic.

In the media mosaic, users have the ability to pan around the space and organize their photos and videos to their liking. 

Document your most treasured moments.


Add media


Write down your story in your own words

Then make it yours.


Give some info to keep things tidy


Make it feel personal

Morii helps you remember and keep track of your most important moments easily. The people you love, places you’ve traveled and how you’ve felt and grown, all stored in one place.

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