Nike Joyride Run


2 Weeks, Fall 2019


Experience Design

Interaction Design 

Motion Graphics



Cinema 4D


From a list of places, audiences, and new technologies, students were teamed up and told to choose any of the provided examples to create an engaging, interactive experience. My group selected a retail store for adults featuring projection mapping. With such creative freedom and range to ideate anything we wanted, my group found inspiration from Nike's newest release at the time, the Nike Joyride running sneaker.


In this group project, I came up with the concept and created the overall consumer experience. I focused most of my energy on the ideation behind making the sale and considered notable factors such as the psychology of consumer behavior. I also established the visual style for the experience and partnered in modeling the sale experience structure.

The Big Question

How do we create a memorable experience that makes customers and users want a product?

Mission Statement

Create an interactive experience promoting the new Nike Joyride sneakers that revolutionizes the sale of new release and enables the customer to feel empowered while using the product.

Tackling Ambition


Add value to the product.

Create an interactive experience that will guarantee the sale of a product. When people form a relationship, more importantly, a positive relationship, with a product, they are more likely to purchase that item because they are already comfortable and acquainted with it.


Make the user feel empowered.

The experience to sell this shoe will exaggerate the feeling of wearing it through the trampolines on the floor and the projection mapping of the beads inside the sneaker. Running in this shoe, the customer will feel joy, strength, freedom, and power.


Create a memorable experience.

Make an impact and evoke a feeling. Good design is memorable and Nike is a brand fresh in the minds of millions of people. Forming a connection so strong between an experience and a brand will achieve an increased chance of a customer’s loyalty.

Ideation & Inspiration

Diving into this project, I started to dissect release videos to see how the sneaker was made. The playful way it was built caught my attention and instantly, I was mesmerized. The fluid motion and flexibility of the balls in the heels of the shoe had the power of instilling freedom and (actually!) joy.

Inspiration from


Entice from first sight.

Pull customers into the experience by creating an entrance that catches their eye and attention. This entryway will combine the user's familiar experience of choosing shoes off of the wall with new technologies. A scanner signaled by light will measure their shoe size and cue which pair the customer is to grab and put on. 

Immerse users into a new world.

Bring customers into a new space. Transform their views to inspire motion, agility, freedom, and joy. With trampolines on the floor and projection mapping on bright white walls, the whole idea of the shoe will be pushed further into the minds of the user.



This project inspired me to think big and about new technologies in a different way than your standard app and web design. The availability of these resources ensures aspiring and growing designers that the things we dream of actually exist and will be in the world in the very near future. Throughout the course of this project, I learned much about collaboration and communication. Working with a team can oftentimes be a challenge, but my experience proved the opposite. We sketched, rendered, and designed while keeping a positive, optimistic, and driven environment.

Shout out and fist bumps to group members Stephanie Liu, Aimee Spisak, and David Fanto

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