October 2022


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Brand Design

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This brand reboot tied the realistic habits of dedicated dieters in seamlessly with the brand mission of General Mills’ :ratio– to do all the math for you. Breathing fresh air into :ratio’s ad spots, our team concepted new narratives and visual mechanisms and produced 3 new advertisements for :ratio's Keto Dairy Snacks, Crunchy Bars, and Granola. I developed the closing animation in collaboration with a motion designer which visually translated the ease of identifying macros to consumers.


The Ask

Reboot :ratio.

The Problem

The weight loss food industry is booming – and General Mills is missing out. 

The Solution

Let's get in on the growth with :ratio KETO- General Mills' cross-category portfolio of Keto- friendly products.

Key Insight & Takeaway

Dieting is hard. Even a diet/keto-friendly approach can be challenging. Dedicated dieters seek help, hacks, and variety to enhance their nutrition routines. In the world of fad diets, fitness trends, and tracking macros, it is easy to get lost in the numbers.


:ratio does all the math for you. Its macros are listed front and center so there is no confusion when it comes to tracking numbers. It's not only super easy to add to your routine, but :ratio fills a keto void in the market with sweet and creamy, crunchy, on-the-go snacky goodness.

Dairy Snack, Crunchy Bar, and Granola Spots

:Ratio Keto Friendly Dairy Snack :15s Spot

:Ratio Keto Friendly Dairy Snack :06s Spot

:Ratio Keto Friendly Granola :15s Spot

:Ratio Keto Friendly Granola :06s Spot

:Ratio Keto Friendly Crunchy Bars :15s Spot

:Ratio Keto Friendly Crunchy Bars :06s Spot


Creative Director: Taylor Lucas

Art Director: Matt Jackson

Junior Art Director: Hannah Sarakin

Copywriter: Will Horn

© 2024 hannah grace sarakin

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