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October 2021 - March 2023


Content Creation

Graphic Design

Art Direction

Adobe Illustrator




Creating social media content for Verizon Business, Frontline, and Connect accounts, I had the responsibility of crafting engaging and impactful content that resonates with each of Verizon's target audiences. This content fosters brand awareness and supports Verizon's business objectives. On a monthly basis, I worked closely with both account and strategy and collaborated with copywriters to produce organic and paid media.

Verizon Social Thumb-Stopping Stats

Verizon Thumb-Stopping stats were made to, quite literally, stop thumbs in doom scrolls of social media feeds. How do we do so? We worked with our 3D motion designers to create highly detailed and gorgeous animations of otherwise skippable statistics to captivate our followers, keep their attention, and encourage interaction.

Since 2000, we’ve invested $176.3B into our network to help support our partners, including First Responders on the front lines.

Verizon’s Digital Inclusion goal is to help provide digital skills training to 10 million youth by 2030, to help students keep up with an ever-changing digital world.

Verizon Frontline has more than 500 deployable assets across the U.S. to assist first responders on the front lines.

Check them out live!

Verizon Organic Social

I spent the past year and a half concepting and creating content for Verizon's Business, Frontline, and Connect socials. Here are some of my top picks:

Verizon Business Social

Verizon Frontline Social

Verizon Connect Social

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